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Monday, April 30, 2007

I've Moved!

I have moved to http://secretdreamworld.wordpress.com/

I always lose connection in blogger that i got no idea y. It irritates me that much that i decided to move " house" after almost 2 years.

Bye bye blogger!

Rachel @ 11:56 AM

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

KL- 31 March to 1 April

This KL trip was really kinda last min thingy. I wanted to go for hols so badly. Nothing surprising for those who knows me for years. U know my style... I need to go for a short break every few months to recharge. And this is really a very very short one.

Supposed to go with my parents but.... last min changes they decided to make me disappointed. I was grumpy about that and in search of frenz who interested to go for short trip. Elvin supposed to tag along but guess he is uncomfortable with the others and he dropped the idea. Was planning for a Genting trip again but Agnes wasnt keen about that. She prefer KL more. SO... there we go... but wait a min... last min, Sean wanted to join us too.


so we got our tickets and hotel on friday, setting off on sat morning. Woke up early in the morning like 5++ to get ready as the coach was leaving at 6.15hrs. Compliment about the frenz going for this trip... none of them was late. I personally scared of those pple who are typically late for every occasion even on trips. U know some things need to be on schedule and being late will jus mess up everything. Well, the coach brought us to discovery centre for breakfast. It was all for free. So considerate for those pple like me who do not have the habit of eating breakfast to grab some quick bites.

On the way to KL...

Took us hours to get there. By the time we set our foot in KL, it was ard 12hrs. We got our hotel rooms, left our stuffs, zoomed off for lunch. Oh ya... we stayed back the same hotel as my previous KL trip- Royale Bintang. Walked over to Sungei Wang for some food and explored our shopping perks over there.
Our 1st meal upon reaching KL


I didnt get much stuffs. I'm an unhappy girl.... i was planning to get some new tops or bottoms, looking high n low for this heffalump soft toy. Coz i saw my temp girl has it and it is really really cute. And i didnt get anything except a belt. Agnes got shorts and tops, Sean got the most i think and me.... only a belt. DUH!
Pictures taken while....
Agnes was trying out her shorts,
Sean was trying out his shirts,
And what about me???? I didnt try out anything.... coz noting much to buy! ARGH!
Came across this cafe whereby their seats are...

Though girls really love shopping but... we need a break too. Tried out the foot massage cum shoulder massage over there. That cost only RM 40 for 40 mins or 45 mins. Woo.. i love massage. If only Singapore has such a cheap n decent place for massage...
It started raining so heavily that our plans to chinatown was cancelled. I wanted to have our dinner there and shop ard to see if i can get more stuffs for myself. Too bad! We ran all the way back to our hotel to rent umbrella. We were like all wet when we reached the hotel lobby. It's jus 2 buildings away. All umbrellas were out. None for us.... so we went back to our room to wait for the rain to stop.
Watching the tv... watching the sky... watching the floor.... watch the poodle of water on the street.... we were far too bored by staying in the hotel room. Finally, the rain stopped but it's still damn wet on street. We decided to go to street Alor ( if i didnt get it wrongly) for dinner. The food wasnt as nice as chinatown... I was expecting to spend on nice food on the trip but..... quality wise was so-so... and i jus cant help but to fall for DURIANS.... U know durians seems so temptimg there. Agnes and I ate the durians by the road side. It was really nice and worth the money paid for. And some japanese passby.. they were thinking of trying coz they were seeing us eating the durians. Not sure if they can bear with the smell but.. oh dear... i'm missing durians again. When is the durian season coming?
As we were walking along the stretch of bukit bintang,
and what we see
It looks like a lift.. out of nowhere... but it's actually a toilet. What you need is jus RM 0.20,
Slot it in and the door will open. You are only given 15 mins to use it. When time is almost up, you will hear the buzzing sound and it jus open after a min whether ur "business" is done or not.
The interior of the toilet
The buttons to open and close the door. And of coz the bell for emergency purpose. Perhaps like got stuck in the toilet bowl?
Believe it or not... the toilet is very very clean. Even better than those in shopping centres in Malaysia. What's more when it is even air- conditioned... It's an experience to be inside.
So next time if you happen to be in KL, go try it out. It's only RM0.20
Went for some shopping. Finally got a top from FOS. ONe and only... by the time, most of the shops were closed. We decided to go back to hotel for a rest before the next activity began. KTV began at 12.30am. Buffet was provided, free flow of drinks and it's only like RM32 for 4 hours. Eat... drink and sing...till all of us were damn shag. Agnes even closed her eyes to catch some sleep. U can imagine.. singing till 4 am.
Was waken up by some doorbell. A Housekeeping staff wanted to clean the room. Duh!! We were still sleeping, checking out only at 1pm. The hotel should have inform their staffs and got more accurate info. Well, went for our breakfast at this place called Shanghai Ten for Tim Sum. I love the food there. It's the best out of the meals that we ate in KL. The Walnut chicken pie.... the fried rice, the avocado pie and the Xiao Long Bao..... Fantastic. Too hungry to take any pictures. It's all in my TUMMY.
Thumb up!!!
Time to be back to Singapore... Went back to the hotel and packed our stuffs. While packing....
And... we really dun feel like going home...
See our faces....
And lastly,
Tat's the end of our KL trip.

Rachel @ 8:42 PM

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

I wanna work overseas too.

U know... i really love my job. Sean says that he is impressed with the way i carry myself and the way i speak. Guess this is what i learn in my job.

But... working in an independent hotel or even in any big chain international hotel, i wont get to being assigned to work overseas. Sigh... i wanna have the experience on working overseas. I guess it will be lonely to be alone in a foreign land but it's really a very very good experience. I un get to have the chance to study overseas. Hence, pinning hope on my job. Guess i got into the wrong job as well. My job or rather in HR line, other than overseas recruitment, u wont get to assigned to other countries for like 1 yr or even 2. That's so envious when i'm reading blogs of my frenz that they are leaving for Shanghai, Greece and France for work.

What i can do is to be only be able to save up to go for hols. I'm still trying hard to save for my up-coming trip. Should be soon... in jul hopefully.

Rachel @ 9:14 AM

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Weeks Ago...

Damn busy these days. I dun even have enough rest, not to mention about blogging. That explains why i have disappeared for a short while. Packed with projects, assignments for school, busy for month-end reports, new recruitments for work... only manage to catch like 5 hours of sleep every month. Tat's simply not enough for me... i need at least 8 hours per day. I tried to grab hold of every single min that i have to nap. Be it on the way to work or way back home ( provided there's seats available)

Let me start off with the BBq that i have on one of the saturdays... it was a bbq that was organised for my temp girl's farewell. It's kinda fast.. she has worked here for 2 months and heading back to school soon. The start of her poly life... She seems like she is still a little girl who really in love with Mickey Mouse. The necklace that she wore on her neck, the ear stud that she has, the top that she wore... they are all Mickey Mouse. We wanted to buy her a Mickey Mouse top ... but kinda hard to choose one for her. So we saw Mickey Mouse watch. It was okie... i mean for a 17 years old girl should be okie... but a little kiddy for me. I almost set my decision when i saw the strip.... Ergh! It's in brown... those ah pek watch kinda brown. Eeee... i asked the lady if the strip comes in other colour. She was like.. all designs only have one n only over there. Duh!!!

I wont wanna get a watch with ah Pek strip. A big NONO...went over to city chain to get another watch for her. Not only from me... it's from Eileen and Annie as well. Hope she likes it! Back to BBQ, we were supposed to go to her condo for BBQ. It was booked way before.. like 2 to 3 weeks in advance. On the very day, everything was in a mess.

1) Lynette had arranged to meet Eileen to get the food in the market. Guess what... Eileen was not contactable till noon.

2) Vera was assigned to order otah but got no otah. She ordered 50 sticks of Satay instead, Who knows... Lynette also ordered 50 sticks of satays too. Ended up with 100 sticks of satays...

3) Pit was booked way before. On that day, Lynette went to check and found out that the security uncle forgot to help her to book. we have all the food but no pit to bbq.

So in the end, we ended up at Diane’s place at Westwood drive. Hey hey… I drove down okie. I even picked Vera who is living very near me. Annie was pretty okie with my driving but Vera… she seemed a little scared. Okie okie…I only got my licence for barely 2 months but I still an official driver. Com’on , have more confidence in me!

Best part was, I did not get lost and even drive a bunch of girls to MRT, Lynette and Vera back home. Lynette…. she stay at Hillview area and need to go thru a slope to get to her place. SLOPE..*shivers* Everything was okie till we were nearing her condo.
Rachel: Turn left here right?

Lynette: No… u gotta go straight den turn left.

Rachel though “go straight den turn left” means turn at the next junction not this coming one.

Guess what Lynette suddenly say “ hey… turn left here” What she meant by go straight den turn left is… referring to the same junction. Aiyo, she tot I so stupid to turn where there is no road. Of coz I know need to go straight den can turn… Due to this, the gan cheong spider me…got the engine stalled.

Argh!!! Embarassed!!!

The security must be thinking that I’m so dumb… engine stalled at his guard house. Sigh…

I need to brush up on my driving skills.

On Sunday, I drove down to get the cake from my dad. It was my daddy’s birthday. Cake was okie…. But 1 kg was a little too much. I should ordered only 0.5kg coz the chocolate was too rich. No matter how nice, u can only be able to fill ur stomach with 1 piece but u can feel really full.

Went over to Safra at Mount faber to have our dinner. Food was nice… can go again some other time. It was my 1st time there. It’s generally nicer than other safra clubs but…. This safra @ mount faber is damn ulu. I dun even know how to get there if my bro didn’t drive.
I shall end off with the only pic that i took in the BBQ.

Rachel @ 6:28 AM

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Training Week

I was packed with training last week.

Monday and Tuesday - Effective Business writing Skills
Wednesday - Presentation skills
Friday - How to charm your listeners: The Art of making small talks

U know sometimes training can be quite tiring. You jus sit down there... listen... and there you go... eyes are getting heavy, heavier and close. It's very rude to sleep in the training. This simply shows the trainer that " you are boring to the core"
That's Tom( Trainer) and me


the training that i attended were good especially the one how to charm your listeners. It was held over at SP. I realised that not many companies are willingly to sponsor their staffs to talks, seminars or courses as i'm te only one there that was sponsored. Others for out their own $$ to go for this kinda upgrading seminar. The presentor was a young and vibrant guy, Eric Feng. He is really someone who is able to catch your attention throughout the whole session. He talks about stories that relates closely to what we should be adapting, using hand-ons methods to let us go through how things should go about. The way to start a conversation with strangers... Something that will come in handy to everyone.

We are supposed to "make small talks" with the other participants during the break time. Eric made it a point that everyone has to make an effort to start the conversation. Wonder why everyone jus came to talk to each other very naturally, adopting what he has taught us. It jus comes so naturally. It's true!!!

Go and check it out his webbie !

Rachel @ 6:26 PM

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New staffs

I went over to airport to pick the new staffs that our hotel has recruited on the previous recruitment trip in Malaysia. Supposed to 8 people from kuching and Kota Kinabalu... but by 1pm, i only have 6 of them with me.


Beats me! Where have the other 2 gone to? Or did they even board the plane at all??? I was running lilke a mad woman in the airport to the Malaysia airline counter to ask to check. Some of the staffs are pretty unfriendly and told me that she can't do anything for me. Finally got help from this lady from the Business class counter to help me out with that.

1 found... the other one never turn up at all. * shrugs*

According to his frenz, they said that he didnt turn up at the airport at all. Not to waste any time further, we gotta get going to their respective "new home". The one that i'm expecting the most didn't turn up. Boo.... u know why the guy jus simply leave me a very very deep impression and i was expecting to see him at the airport... coz his name is called Mcdonald. I wonder why did his parents even tot of naming him Mcdonald. Whenever i tried to make a phone call to Malaysia, the phone operator will ask you who you are calling to. When i say Mcdonald, they went silence. I know it's weird.... i found it extremely amusing when i first came across his profile.

At least, it's something unique about him - His name.

Rachel @ 7:47 PM

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Annie's Birthday

Last monday, we were busy planning Annie's birthday. I'm not putting in much of the idea as Eileen has already tot of where to go and what to buy for her. We chip in to get a Coach bag for her and brought her over to Marina South Pier - Pier Eleven. Such a romantic place... i guess it's such a pity to be with 6 other girls there to celebrate her birthday.

The ambience there was perfect!!! BUT food was totally lousy. At least for the one that i ate.... some beer battered fish. It's awful... especially the fish came with this jelly like thick layer which made me feel like vomitting. I suspect it's the fish skin... Yucks! Stuffs there are quite ex as well. We are practically paying for the nice view and atmosphere. Service isnt good too. It took them almost half an hour to get us ice water. -_-"

And nicest food that we ate for the night was the cake that was bought from our hotel. Ruben is good pastry chef!!! The cake was really nice and i've decided to order one for my daddy's birthday next week.

Other than the coach bag, Lynette got her a hand-made card with our photos there. U know jus in case things dun turn out well, i offered an alternative plan - to buy a card instead. Hahaha... i'm someone who has no talent in my art & craft. Afterall, annie likes the card that she made. It's the thoughts that count and made the card beautiful.

Took lots and lots of pictures.... to be uploaded soon!

Rachel @ 7:33 PM

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